How to Host a Stress-Free Soirée

by drlazarus on November 13, 2017

If you live with an anxiety disorder, being the life of the party is not a usual occurrence.  This year, though, is a year of change!  Making plans to host your own holiday party is not only something that is possible when you deal with anxiety, but also something you should be able to revel in.  Check out these tips on making your holiday party the best on the block without panicking about it!


Make a List, Check It Twice


For those 40+ million Americans out there that deal with anxiety on a daily basis, the holiday season can be rife with things to worry about.  Giving yourself time to make a plan to satisfy all of your racing thoughts can really help.  Bouncing from the drink menu, to the guest list, to cleaning the house, to whatever else you need to take care of to host your own party, you are bound to overwhelm yourself.  Creating a list and making sure you stick to what is most important is a surefire way to make hosting as easy as possible.


There are no end to the issues that might pop up, and least of your concerns should be allowing your own party to throw yourself off the sober path if you are a recovering addict.  Allowing the time to plan is going to be key, as you will probably want to focus on the guest list and make sure anyone that might tempt you will be absent.  This also goes for making sure you have no alcohol and letting your guests know the same, if you are recovering from alcoholism or if alcohol can be a trigger for you.  Busying yourself in the details of the party should really be able to help, as most cravings only last about 20 minutes. So when you feel the tug toward something you are avoiding, try to go around and refill drinks instead.  Always allow yourself to take a break and rely on your support system if need be.  Try to have at least one person from your support group or someone that has helped in your recovery there with you.  It will make it that much easier to avoid temptation!


Lights, Camera… Party!


When party time does roll around, make sure that you have your meal started, or ready to heat whenever you are ready, and have everything done about 15 minutes before you expect people to arrive.  Giving yourself a little breathing room between the prep and the party will go a long way in reducing your stress and giving you that last little bit of “me” time.  Meditation and breathing exercises are great for day-to-day anxiety and could be particularly beneficial before your party kicks off.  Coming into your own party frantic and frazzled is only going to make your guests feel the same, but the opposite is true as well. Calm and happiness will radiate from you if you can take that one deep breath.


Too often we find ourselves wrapped up in what others think, when most of the time, they are thinking about how they are impressing us.  Take the pressure off of yourself to be perfect, as there is always going to be something that goes wrong.  Allow yourself the support and comfort to step back and either let the small stuff go or make a plan for fixing the issue.


Anxiety disorders are not uncommon, and there are surely not a lack of holiday parties.  If everyone else can host one, then you can, too, especially since you are armed with all these new tips!  We’ll be waiting for our invitation in the mail.


Author: Jennifer Scott,

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