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My Child has ADHD, Now What?
As a parent, are there strategies that can help my child do better at home and school?
Can this be done without using medication?

Child with learning difficulties Littleton

Some signs and symptoms of ADHD

  • Trouble staying focused and completing work
  • Your child does not seem to listen when you give then instructions
  • They often lose things
  • Avoids and dislikes completing homework and reading
  • They are easily distracted
  • Trouble sitting still
  • Interrupts others and trouble waiting their turn


If you have been seeing some of these symptoms for a period of time at your home and school, you should talk with a child psychologist and complete an ADHD evaluation.


Dr. Steven Lazarus is a licensed psychologist in Littleton, Colorado who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of children with ADHD. He completes a thorough ADHD evaluation that involves parent and teacher feedback as well as a complete child evaluation. He then discusses treatment options and strategies. Dr. Lazarus tries to utilize natural treatment for ADHD that does not involve medication. Medications are seen as a last resort.  Parents are actively involved in the process.


Many interventions that parents and teachers can do can be quite helpful for children that have trouble focusing and listening.

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Ways Parents Can Help Their Children Deal With ADHD Challenges


If you are interested in learning more about helping children with ADHD

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