Animal Assisted Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy Dog Zeke

Meet Zeke, my friendly, gentle Labradoodle – who’s also a certified therapy dog!

Therapy Dogs of Colorado

When you choose to work with my therapy dog Zeke at my Littleton, Colorado practice, Zeke serves as my “co-therapist” during our sessions. Therapy dogs like this cuddly guy are specially trained to help you relax, feel comfortable, and even add a warm, furry touch to therapy sessions, if you’d like.

Zeke works with kids, teens and adults. He’s always happy to help calm you down, cheer you up with some tail wagging, and provide a fuzzy head for patting. Plus, Zeke is hypoallergenic, so many people who experience animal allergies aren’t allergic to his soft hair.

Animal assisted therapy with therapy dogs, like the kind Zeke and I provide, offers a number of psychological and physical benefits, from easing anxiety to lowering blood pressure. In fact, studies show that simply touching a therapy dog for 12 minutes can:

  • Lower levels of the stress hormone epinephrine by 17%
  • Reduce blood pressure by 10%
  • Decrease anxiety by 24%

For those patients who want it, simply being around a therapy dog has calming effects on both mind and body.

The benefits of animal assisted therapy are effective, even with short-term exposure. Research shows that animal assisted therapy is beneficial to a range of people, such as:

  • Children who have experienced neglect or abuse
  • People experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD
  • Children and adults experiencing depression, stress and anxiety
  • Those dealing with medical issues such as cancer
  • Adults with memory disorders or dementia
  • Those who live with autism, obsessive compulsive disorder, or attention deficit/hyperactive disorder
  • Anyone who needs an unconditional, non-judgmental space in which to work through issues


Animal Assisted TherapyClick the paw to meet therapy dog Zeke and include him in your sessions and set up a free phone consultation with Dr. Steven Lazarus.