Child Psychologist

 Child Psychologist and Teen Psychologist

We all want great kids

A Child Psychologist can help you and your child through problems at home and school


  • Behavioral problems at home and school
  • Effective parenting strategies that best address the specific needs of your child
  • Treatment for ADHD, depression and anxiety without medicine
  • Attention, focus, and organizational problems
  • Helping my child with divorce
  • Temper tantrums and anger
  • Difficult Teens
  • Family Therapy and Blended Families

How A Child Psychologist Works With Children

As a Child Psychologist, I use a collaborative approach to assess and treat your child. I involve parents, physicians, teachers, and other adults in the child’s life. I work with parents on effective interventions with your children, building on your parenting styles. Each parent/ child situation is different and my approach is customized to address the specific issues in a manner that best fits YOUR child.

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10 Ways a Child Psychologist Can Help Your Family

Play Therapy

When working with young children, many child psychologists use a combined method of play therapy and parent consultation. Play therapy has been shown to be an effective and appropriate intervention for children 9 years and younger. Parents are welcome to remain in the room if they choose or if this would make your child more comfortable.

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Should my child see a Child Psychologist?

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