Marriage Therapy and Couples Therapy

Relationships can be frustrating. Arguments may escalate into big fights. Issues may be pushed under the rug to avoid problems. Even when you try to bring up a topic nicely, the other person takes it wrong. You’re walking on eggshells around them. Problems seem to keep coming up and feel unsolvable.

Couples therapy (and marriage therapy / relationship counseling) starts with a focus on fair fighting techniques. This will help you have discussions about many topics in which you will both feel heard and understood. Couples counseling will help you learn how to resolve conflicts with win-win solutions. If problems occur again, learn how to adjust your solutions to avoid future arguments. You will complete couples therapy not only with tools for resolving your current problems but with the skills to maintain a healthy relationship for years to come.

As a Psychologist and Licensed Professional Counselor with training in issues surrounding couples conflict, I can work with you as a couples therapist or marriage counselor to be a non-judgmental intermediary, and help you work together towards a common purpose. Instead of taking out your frustrations on each other, therapeutic approaches can help you work together to find understanding and peace. There doesn’t have to be a winner and a loser – with skills learned in marital counseling, you both win and the relationship can emerge even stronger than before.

Your marriage or relationship will feel rewarding, connected, intimate, and loving again.

Make your relationship/ marriage strong and healthy

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