What Are The Best Kid Gifts During The Holidays

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Christmas and Hanukah Gifts:

Are some gifts better than others?

Do you need to get your child the same fad gift that everyone else is getting?

Will they actually use the gift for more than a day after they get it or will it just collect dust?

Although kids certainly love video games and electronics, what value do they actually give to your kids. Are the video games causing arguments, distractibility, and power struggles to turn them off?


Instead of plugging your kid into a video game, consider high quality gifts that actually are outside the normal marketed toys that kids get.


I would recommend you take a look at items at: Timbuk Toys and Lakeshore Learning Center. They have wonderful games, toys, and activities that can help kids with problem solving, motor skills, and encourage family activities during our winter months. Also, consider archery classes, cooking classes for kids, fencing, and rock climbing. Consider a gift outside of the box, such as tickets with dad to the nuggets game, a date night at the Nutcracker, introductory indoor skydiving classes, or a family paint ball or dart wars battle.


All of these gift ideas improve self esteem, and help develop a great relationship with your child or teen, and are generally more valuable than many gifts you might be thinking about.


Dr. Lazarus is a psychologist in private practice. He specializes in children, teens and parenting issues.