Therapist vs psychologist

Therapist vs. Psychologist vs. Counselor

Do you know the difference between a therapist, a counselor, and a psychologist? Psychologists Have an advanced degree in psychology Provide therapy, research, or are professors at a university Are licensed by a state board at the…
day off

Why You (and your loved ones) Deserve a Day Off

When was your last day off? Not just a day off from your Most Official Job, but a day off from all responsibilities outside of yourself and your closest family—a day where no phones ring, no emails are replied to, and no meetings are scheduled.…
boy superhero

Turn Bad Behaviors Around: Time In Vs. Time Out

You’ve just brought the kids home from school, and before you can take off your shoes, there’s already a fight. When your little darlings turn into wild animals who hit, kick, and bite—or just yell the most hurtful things they can think…