Therapist vs psychologist

Therapist vs. Psychologist vs. Counselor

Do you know the difference between a therapist, a counselor, and a psychologist? Psychologists Have an advanced degree in psychology Provide therapy, research, or are professors at a university Are licensed by a state board at the…
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These Top Tips Help Kids Feel Secure During a Pandemic

At no time in your child’s life has the world ever been quite the way it is during the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak. Whether celebrating the surprise time off school, missing friends, or just wonder what is going on, your children have questions.…
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How to Maintain Play Therapy Progress During Social Distancing

If your child has been seen for play therapy in Highlands Ranch or Littleton, you know how important it is to get right in there, in person, and engage. Further, since play therapy is typically geared toward kids aged seven and younger , the…
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Lighten Up with These Replacements for Everyday Activities

As the full force of the Coronavirus outbreak sweeps the world, negativity is almost as detrimental as disease. From panic buying to the actual death rate, this can seem like a pretty bleak time. Fortunately, your family psychologist in Littleton…
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The Parents’ Guide to Staying Sane During Quarantine

Parents are getting hit hard during the worldwide coronavirus outbreak. Most are stuck trying to “work” from home, usually while having kids home from school all day and worrying about aging parents who may need assistance. On top of it…
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5 ways to help your child while they are stuck at home with online schooling.

We all need to work together as families and communities to deal with the current situation, social distancing, and risk of illness.  Here are some ideas for how to be successful with your kids for online schooling.   Have a consistent…
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Information for families to help cope with Covid-19

I am putting together a list of resources and good articles to help families with our current situation. Jefferson County just issued a "stay-at-home" order until 4/17/2020. Dr. Steven Lazarus   How to Explain Coronavirus to an…