How to Quit Couples Therapy (Without Ghosting Your Therapist)

A ghost couple

You’ve been in couples therapy in Littleton for a few months, and it has really helped. Your therapist has helped you and your partner see eye to eye, learn new communication styles, and you can resolve arguments better. You used to meet weekly, now it’s every other week… well, except those times when you cancel, or reschedule, and when you don’t have another date set, it doesn’t actually bother you. Is it time to quit couples therapy? How do you stop therapy without ghosting your therapist?

Signs That You are Finished with Therapy

Therapy is not meant to be a lifelong commitment. Most couples visit their couples therapist in Littleton to learn new skills, resolve a specific problem, or overcome a particularly stressful period in their relationship. Your therapist may be keeping an eye on your progress and thinking about the next stage as well. You may find that your relationship is going more smoothly, you and your partner are using the communication skills and conflict resolution tools that you have discussed, and having fewer (or more productive) disagreements. Therapy may still be enjoyable or useful, but you probably have less of those “aha!” moments you did when you were first starting.

Ending Therapy in Littleton Respectfully

You and your partner should always be on the same page about stopping couple’s therapy. If one person feels ready, and the other doesn’t, this should be the next thing you bring up when seeing your couple’s therapist in Littleton! But, when you are both on the same page, there’s one more person in the room—your therapist. Therapists get “ghosted” a lot—a final session never occurring, the client not calling back to schedule another session. We don’t take it personally, but your course of therapy could feel more complete if you approach it honestly and respectfully. Bring it up in session, call and leave a voicemail, or send a text if your therapist uses text messages.

Can I Call My Old Therapist To Start Counseling Again?

Speaking of the end of therapy, what if you want to go back to counseling again? Can you work with the same couples therapist? Most therapists are completely fine with this. A healthcare organization may change providers frequently, or make you do more paperwork, but a private practice couples therapist will remember you and welcome you back to couples therapy.

Have you met your goals in couple’s therapy? Don’t be afraid to let your therapist know you’re ready to move on. Your therapist will be here when you need them, just a call away!