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To Spank or Not To Spank

Let’s face it: Effective parenting is tough. While it definitely offers amazing and wonderful rewards, the day-to-day challenges can feel exhausting and exhilarating – sometimes even all at once! Learning effective parenting skills takes time, and it’s often a process of trial and error. One issue that many parents agonize over, and many child development […]

Do Video Games Have a Negative Impact on Kids?

Do you ever worry that your child is spending too much time playing video games? If so, you’re not alone. In light of the recent events in Newtown, Connecticut, and Aurora, Colorado, many concerned parents are questioning the effects that gaming, especially violent games, might have on their kids and seeking out parenting strategies to […]

Time-Outs for Children

You’re probably tired of telling your child ten times to do something. It takes a great deal of energy to argue with kids. Yelling at kids has been shown to potentially cause damage to a child’s self esteem. It can also teach kids that they should yell and argue when they are angry. I recommend […]