Dr. Steven Lazarus is an expert child psychologist and teen psychologist in Littleton, CO. This page is dedicated to giving parents different parenting strategies in their work with their children and teenagers.

Therapist vs psychologist

Therapist vs. Psychologist vs. Counselor

Do you know the difference between a therapist, a counselor, and a psychologist? Psychologists Have an advanced degree in psychology Provide therapy, research, or are professors at a university Are licensed by a state board at the…
Child with learning difficulties

Ways Parents Can Help Their Children Deal With ADHD Challenges

All parents want the best for their children. One way in which parents can have the greatest positive impact on their children's lives is by teaching them to learn to deal with life's challenges effectively, both emotionally and physically.…
Time outs

To Spank or Not To Spank

Let’s face it: Effective parenting is tough. While it definitely offers amazing and wonderful rewards, the day-to-day challenges can feel exhausting and exhilarating – sometimes even all at once! Learning effective parenting skills takes…
Time outs

Parents Guide to Parenting Stepchildren

Blended families face many struggles. Suspicion, anger and expectations often prevent the family from bonding. There is hope, though. With hard work and time, blended families can find success together. Tips for Kids Stepchildren often…
serious dog
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Animal Assisted Therapy with Dogs

It’s no secret that humans have long shared a special bond with dogs– perhaps even for as long as Homo-sapiens has been around as a species. But did you know that our association with dogs actually offers a number of mental, emotional…
Time outs

4 Tips to Help You Get Respect From Your Teenager

One day it happens: your sweet little child turns into a teenager. For many parents, the teenage years are the hardest. Your child has suddenly developed a mind of his own, and if you thought he tested boundaries as a two year old, you won’t…
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Parents guide to safe guarding computers for kids

Your kids rely on the Internet every day. As a parent, do you ever wonder how to keep your kids safe while they’re online? Incorporate parenting strategies that include computer safeguards, and help your kids safely surf the Internet. Block…

Helping my child during a divorce

When you’re going through a divorce, your kids feel strong emotions that are difficult for them to process, understand or express. They may act out or withdraw as they deal with their emotions. They may even try to get you back together. No…
Time outs

Do Video Games Have a Negative Impact on Kids?

Do you ever worry that your child is spending too much time playing video games? If so, you’re not alone. In light of the recent events in Newtown, Connecticut, and Aurora, Colorado, many concerned parents are questioning the effects that…
Time outs

Time-Outs for Children

You're probably tired of telling your child ten times to do something. It takes a great deal of energy to argue with kids. Yelling at kids has been shown to potentially cause damage to a child's self esteem. It can also teach kids that they…