I know that many of us are worried about the Covid-19 virus. If we all follow the recommended guidelines, we will get through this together. Many health care providers are moving to a telehealth (virtual) platform as an alternative to face to face visits. Both office and telehealth visits are available.

Per Tri-County Health Department, effective 11/24/2021, Masks are required in all public indoor spaces. The order remains in effect until 1/2/2022.

New clients (please click here to contact Dr. Lazarus)

I have the ability to provide you with Telehealth (virtual) therapy. A computer with camera/ mic, Chromebook, work best, but a phone or iPad could work. Telehealth appointments are a safe, confidential, and an effective alternative to our regular office visits. I would ask that if you are sick, please do not come in but consider a telehealth visit.

Please let Dr. Steve know if you would prefer a telehealth visit.

In office visits 

If you prefer to come into the office, rest assured that I am taking every precaution to keep my office clean and virus free. Feel free to come in for our appointments if you and your immediate family has not been sick for 14 days.  Please wear a mask for your visit. Of course, with my therapy dog, Zeke, we can go outside for a portion of the appointment.

Current clients: Scheduling telehealth is easy.

Telehealth FAQs

Old telehealth portal (backup)